Jane Scogna Grossman of Sarasota founded an organization, ‘Friends of Unity in the Community,’ in 1980’s. This was a non-profit organization and the purpose was to bring unity between the white and black communities in Sarasota. It was designed to assist in racial healing in our city. Friends of Unity in the Community worked tirelessly on bridging the racial and economic divide that was so prevalent in the Sarasota Community.

Jane Grossman networked and formed partnerships with key leaders in Newtown and Sarasota.

The Friends of Unity in the Community gave a Christmas Party every year and made sure that each child attending had a gift, luncheon and a visit with Santa Claus.

She also was relentless in networking with individuals, including the chief of police, mayor, city manager, etc., to assist with various social needs that had slipped through the system. She worked with the education board; they created a scholarship to assist with college tuition for students in Newtown.

She was also instrumental in pushing for community policing in Newtown. She won an award from the Florida Dr. Martin Luther King, J r. Commemorative Commission in 1995.

We are experiencing turbulent times in this country today. Ms. Grossman wants to extend her ideals to a national level that not only includes blacks and whites but all races. What a beautiful dream for Ms. Grossman, our city, our state, our country. What a beautiful dream.

Racism has reared its angry head at this time. It’s time to implement a National Healing Program. This will take an entire nation to bring about healing. May we rise above the differences that divide us?

The most important future step to healing is to form a strong national dialogue. We must as a nation need to be able to speak, to talk to each other on a daily basis. As we talk to each other we will begin to see the walls of racism start to crumble.

Now I call upon our nation, our presidents, or congress, our police and sheriff’s departments, our schools, churches , mosques , synagogues to gather a union to erase racism in the United States. The nation must seek out a plan to speak to each other each day. Communication is the key.

Now let’s start with the police and sheriff departments across America. In the training of all officers we much teach all applicants that racial profiling is wrong. The officers as cadets must learn that skin color is only pigmentation and beyond color is a human being with many qualities- some good, some bad. All cadets need to be trained to use non-violent ways of subduing and arresting a person. All across this nation we need to put into action community policing each city with a police department. Police working in minority communities one to one with the citizens, getting to work with the kids, setting up programs for them knowing many residents by their first names. It is a must to have community policing in each and every city in the United States.

I was part of a program in which community policing worked. In Sarasota, Florida, I walked hand in hand with the chief of police. We must set up our office for our police to work out of, right in the community. Now at this time as we as a nation work on racial healing we must look to the future and press our elected officials to enact into law criminal justice reform. Our system is racial as it jails a larger number of blacks than we should for many times very minor crimes. Here is where officers need to be very careful not to use racial profiling when arresting a black man; so non-racial profiling and non-violent arrest will be the new paths our officers will take.

Cadet training :

1. Skin pigmentation

2. Racial profiling

3. Non-violent arrests become part of a new criminal justice system

4. All police departments open a community policing office I believe with proper training all the changes can come about if they are mandated on a national level by executive orders to each police and sheriff department. Racial Healing will come about.

To bring about a national healing of racism in our country all of us day to today must practice healing. We must see each human as a person not a color, that all the races bound together form a kind and beautiful union, each human with gifts to offer; music, art, singing, acting, inventing and teaching, etc. What a beautiful piece of art, always rising above the differences that divide us.

Now is time to look at all teaching institutions, universities, schools, and colleges to form a National Racial Healing Program for them to follow. A new book on the 1-12 level and one for higher learning level to bring forth all the history of the past. They must learn how we treated the Indians, calling them savages, killings and breaking our treaties with them.

Until this day we have never taught how this affected a whole race of people or how we as a nation stole from them.

We also need a new text to teach the terrible treatment of the black races. E needs to learn all about slavery where it started and how the slaves were the ones who built this nation with sore hands and broken hearts. How we didn’t consider them human. We must then teach about the horrible years of Jim Crowe in this country. We were a full blown racial nations. We must stop treating Hispanics as second-class citizens. We must teach an entire nation they have much work to do to bring about racial healing and to forgive the past.

How in each school 1-12 we need to integrate our lunchrooms. Today if you went into an h grade lunchroom you would see all the whites at one table, all the blacks at another and the Hispanics at one table. This is wrong. We need a program to see that at each table there is a mixture of races sitting together. After a few days of eating together, they will start to learn that all of them are the same and will start to learn that they are people and not just color. There is a great learning curve with integrating the lunchrooms.

In the schools of higher learning professors can call for learning teams of higher league pursuits together integrating groups of diverse students to study together and to do major projects together. Writing essays together, each team can move into the arts by writing a short play, compiling a musical, forming a dance team or any other projects of the arts. Through the arts with integrated teams you will start to see the horns of racism start to melt away; national racial healing.

Now it’s time to put National Racism Healing Programs to work in all the churches, temples, mosques and synagogues across the nation. All the religions are spiritual houses of worship. Love and guidance will be a strong guiding light to bring about racial healing to all diverse people; black, white. Red, brown, yellow. They will play a strong integrated message of love and differences. The leaders of all spiritual and religious groups will teach that each Sunday a coming together is one human race.

A program of each week every spiritual, religious center will exchange with each other a 10-15-member exchange. Each center bringing in 10-15 people from another center to worship together every Friday, Sunday then having a coffee or refreshments for the exchange group to get to know the center they are at- tending and the members who are part of it.

Now if it were a black church you would do an exchange with a white church, or Hispanic the same white or black. As we pray together and break bread together we get to know each other as a person and color starts to fade and the human race starts to show its beautiful face.

From strong dedicated religious and spiritual leadership great steps forward to bring about national racial healing can occur. When healing begins we bring forth many human traits such as love, hope, charity, peace and most of all grade! We can now begin to play together in beautiful harmony.

Now we ask the president and the congress to appoint a strong racial healing panel that can help implement this Racial Healing Program. We need the NAACP and the Urban League. We need a leader form the Hispanic community, a leader from an Indian reservation. We need a black caucus in

Washington to be one of the leaders to see the

National Program is implemented state-to-state working with each of the states’ black caucuses.

This National Program for Racial Healing must transcend all labels and must focus on one goal- the racial healing of a nation -one people- one nation -one human race.

We have a three-point program to propose on a national level, policing, educational, places of worship. I know if we pass this program in a short period we will see changes in our communities. I call upon Washington, black caucuses, NAACP, Urban League, Hispanic leaders to support this program.