TEMPO News endorses Xtavia Bailey for Manatee County School Board District 1


TEMPO News endorses Xtavia Bailey for Manatee County School Board District 1 countywide race. Xtavia is the most versatile candidate when it comes to understanding the needs of the community. She is a product of the Manatee County public schools and has spent many years helping youth, and their families in the community. Xtavia is the former Regional Director for the Amer-I-Can program, where she was over several counties and schools for at-risk student’s teacher the decision making process. She also worked very closely with the juvenile inmate’s teaching life-skills in the jail. The program consisted of teaching how to write a check, interviewing skills. Emotional control and being accountable for your choices we make in life. Xtavia is passionate and will bring a true commitment to our community and our children. She understands that every child should be afforded an education no matter what background. Xtavia’s passion for educations stems from many adversities in her own life, but she has learned if you work hard and have faith in God anything is possible. The first time she realized education was going to be important she was 6 years old. Xtavia’s education includes an A.S. Medical Assisting, B.A. Criminal Justice from Keiser University and a Masters in Criminal Justice Leadership. She also attended SCF, formally known as MCC and is a graduate of the MTI’s Police Academy. She has also kept herself involved with numerous boards from being the youth advocate for the Manatee County NAACP, Leadership Manatee Graduate, Take Stock in Children and Children’s Advisory Board. Xtavia did not just become involved when she announced last year.

Xtavia states that her top priorities are:

“ 1 . ) We must get back to EDUCATING our children. Manatee County is ranked #48 in the state and Sarasota is #6 we must do more for our students. I will focus on our children first; every child in Manatee County must be afforded an opportunity to have the best educational system in order for this to be a reality, every decision made by the board and district must be with our children in mind; understanding the affect it will have on the future of our students if we do not listen to all the facts and make the best decisions the first time; the board will continue to lack confidence. I will work effectively and be well inform on district issues while following policy and procedures to achieve the boards’ goals to be able to govern smart and effectively.

2.) EMPOWERING – Our teachers, support staff, and parents: We have some of the best teachers in the entire State. We must support them and let it be known that we as a district will encourage, and supply them with every resource it takes to educate our children. I will prioritize efforts to improve our school’s graduation gap, and minority achievement gap while closing the gap on students attending college and vocational schools. Every student will not be college material, but instead loves to work with their hands. Prisons beds are built according to how many third graders are retained; I will focus on early child development, and making sure our students are reading on grade level. I will focus on schools being built that are needed to satisfy growth and continue forward thinking with cutting edge technology. I support School Choice but we must manage it better, so that students who actually live in the neighborhood of their school may attend.

3 . ) ENGAGE our community: As a board member; I will be a good steward of Taxpayer’s dollars ensuring fiscal responsibility with a desire to balance taxpayer ’s affordability with financial needs of our schools. Making sure we have a financial procurement process making sure the tax dollars can be tracked and we are spending less on purchasing, so that we can place more money back into the classroom. Parental participation is critical to the success of students. We must build stronger relationships between the districts. I will FOCUS on spear heading a citizens legislative group that can assist in meeting with our local officials. Focusing on removing common core, I am not a fan of common core and the Federal Government’s involvement in education K-12, should be overseen by local entity, aka, “The Local School Board”. Parents should have the final say so in what they would like their children to learn. “I think parents who would like to have their children home schooled, it’s their right and choice. I support standards in making sure our children are learning, but not high stakes that leads back to billionaires with no real concern about education. I will work with State officials and hold them accountable for our children futures.”