Meet Towanna Pompey MCAT’s 2015 Dispatcher of the Year


Towanna Pompey has been employed with Manatee County Government since 2006, she transferred to Manatee County Area Transit in 2011. Since that transition, Towanna has actively encountered the obstacles of a Dispatcher in managing the routes operationally and has adapted very well to this position.

Last year ( July 1 , 2014-June 30, 2015) our dispatch center ’s incoming/outbound calls totaled 12, 278, served over 1,600 customers and completed 98,458 Paratransit trips. Towanna wears many hats in this position, providing customer service information, coordinating response to vehicle and medical emergencies, vehicle breakdowns/ switch outs, contacting towing companies and providing the appropriate information to these providers to prevent any additional or potential problems. She also serves a critical role during emergency evacuations .

This position requires Towanna’ s complete attention due to daily changes, which may occur within the day. Towanna takes the time throughout the day to personally contact various facilities like dialysis centers to get an estimated time of completion for Paratransit clients. This is extremely helpful since schedules are dynamic and change in real-time.

Towanna has the experience with real-time data and consistently makes operational changes to help the schedules run smoothly, reduce overtime when needed and takes proactive steps to correct problems which may arise with the schedule. She has learned to group clients together and utilize the resources in a more efficient way, which saves cost, time and fuel.

Towanna consistently demonstrates excellent customer service skills; she is courteous and respectful to clients, and has a good working relationship with the dialysis centers and medical facilities.

Towanna has also attended a sponsored CUTR (Center for Urban Transportation Research) dispatch course. That course has helped Towanna be more proficient in all aspects of customer service including phone etiquette, eligibility determination, scheduling and trip coordination; especially when it involves trips which currently cannot be met by the assigned operator. Towanna will reroute the trip or find alternative options (i.e. stand by driver, road supervisor) to meet the client’s individualized needs.

At the end of Towanna’s shift , she will makes every effort to thank drivers for a job well done and the wonderful teamwork accomplished by all.