Eternity Temple/Washington Park CDC Holds Annual Banquet


Photo l-r: Rev. Lawrence Livingston, Lesa Livingston, Stephen Wicker, and Rev. McArthur Sellars.

The Eternity Temple/ Washington Park Community Development Corporation recently held its Annual Banquet where he honored The Rev. McArthur Sellars and Stephen Wicker for their tireless community service. Presenting the awards were Rev. Lawrence Livingston, Executive Director, and Lesa Livingston, CDC member.

Rev. Sellars has served as President for past few years of the CDC; and Mr. Wicker has served as CPA, uncompensated for a number of years. Many thanks for their selfless service.

The ET/WPCDC is a non-profit organization and derives its funding from events such as this and donations. Its mission is “to provide a safe and wholesome environment where its members of all ages can learn, achieve and effectively succeed using expanding digital technologies efficiently.”

If you would like more information on how you can become involved with the organization, you can contact Rev. Livingston, at 941-713-4902; or via email